Service Overview

Business challenges
Maintaining a robust enterprise environment includes being a master of disparate systems, creating new applications and integrating these new solutions back into the environment. A wrong solution results in inefficiency at best, or even worse, downtime. Some issues can be fixed over time, but often a quick solution is required. A nimble company is needed to provide the right resources to re-establish stability in the environment, but oftentimes nimble companies lack the depth of knowledge necessary to achieve quick resolution.

How we can help
AllStaff Technical Solutions is a company of technologists. Our account executives, recruiters and consultants have a hands-on technical background. Because of this experience, the subtle nature of requirements are not lost and we are able to bring robust solutions to the table quickly.

We can tackle small problems requiring one or two consultants or we can broaden our efforts to undertake your biggest technical challenges. We move fast. As needed, we will bring the right consultants to the table the same day with the required technical skill set, personality, and credentials needed to get the job done.

What you can achieve

Technical Areas

We generally provide support in three areas: Infrastructure Support, Application Development, and Program Support.

While the following is not an exhaustive list, our consultants have the proper skillsets to perform these tasks:

How We Work

We offer these general services to the Federal contracting community:

Technical Solutions
Technology can be tricky, but not when you let AllStaff provide you with a Technology Tiger Team (TTT). Bring in an AllStaff TTT and rest assured that your technology needs will be filled by the most experienced and approachable IT specialists available. Our teams have the knowledge and expertise necessary to identify and develop the best technical solution for you within your time and budget constraints.

The TTT will take your project from conception to reality beginning with a needs analysis, and moving on to development, testing, and training. All TTTs know to listen carefully to ensure that the technology solution they deliver exceeds your expectations. They will be in constant communication so you can know the pulse of the project at all times. With an AllStaff Technology Tiger Team there will be no surprises.

Subcontracting Solutions
We know that choosing a quality subcontractor is one of the most important decisions your organization will make in supporting your government clients. A good subcontractor enables you to shine by impressing your client, which directly leads to both contract extensions and add-on work. Because our clients working in a prime role have this degree of visibility we are very careful to supply you with the very best employees on the market – employees that have both the technical acumen as well as the personality to make your customers rave about you.

We also realize that often when your program has an open billet, every moment that passes is literally lost revenue for your organization. By quickly turning around your requests with high-quality candidates we ensure that you are not leaving money on the table.

As a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) we are able to help our clients fill the government mandated requirements attached to many contracts. We are happy to provide copies of our certifications upon request.

Staffing Solutions
At AllStaff we know that the most vital resource in your company are your employees. Hiring the right people can provide you a competitive advantage, but choosing incorrectly can crush you.

Because many companies need flexibility in their hiring mix, we adjust our approach to your unique needs and provide employees on any basis requested, including contract, temporary, and temp-to-perm staffing.

We also know that talent is hard to find. In times of low unemployment it is simply hard to find staff that meets your high expectations. When high-unemployment reigns, the headache of sorting through resumes (and often interviewing applicants whose skill set is irrelevant to your needs) results in wasted time – time that could be put to much better use adding value to your company. In recruiting, time really is money and our pledge to you is that we will only send you the top 5% of employees available in the marketplace so recruiting the best applicant will take no time at all.

We realize that the right employee is relative to each unique situation. True, there are some attributes such as personality and work ethic that every employee should have, but other aspects of a good match depend on the personality of and environment within the hiring company. AllStaff professionals will always take the time to get to know your organization, its culture, and its goals to make sure that there is an overall fit before we make a recommendation.

What makes AllStaff unique is that, in contrast to other recruiting firms (and usually typical HR departments), we know technical talent because we ourselves are technical talent. All AllStaff Account Representatives have either worked in or have a degree in technology. When you talk technology with AllStaff recruiters you can feel comfortable knowing that important subtleties are not lost in the conversation. With AllStaff, you also never have to worry that the job seeker we send to you is not qualified to meet your requirements.

As you can see, no matter the solution you require, we have you covered. There is no need to just take our word for it; ask AllStaff to find you the talent that your company needs to succeed. You will come away from the experience excited about the new potential that partnership with us offers. So contact us today and we will make a believer out of you. Once you work with AllStaff, you will be hooked – we guarantee it.